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Posts that may or may not be by the same person or persons. Could be. Not impossible.

An Authorish Name Posting As
Ghost Posts From Those Hosts
APM (43 posts) Always Pondering Motives (7 posts)
APM (13 posts)
Golden Boy (1 posts)
Always Pilfering Messages (in other words I plagerized) (1 posts)
Isosoles (1 posts)
FONT YOU! (1 posts)
Can I Play Too? (1 posts)
Again (1 posts)
Dynamic (1 posts)
Ernest Hemingway (1 posts)
T H Huxley (1 posts)
Democritus (1 posts)
More words to live by (1 posts)
Insomniac (1 posts)
Socrates (1 posts)
Monkey Porn!?!?!? (1 posts)
APM - Sleepless in San Diego (1 posts)
Galileo Galilei (1 posts)
Zima (1 posts)
Growing old - and decrepit (1 posts)
George Carlin (1 posts)
(3 posts)
Bertrand Russell (1 posts)