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New "Word" Order by Amelia on 2000-03-23 16:41:30

OK, I have finally figured out how Blame Canada is sorting entries, but not why it's doing it when it did not do it before. I's sorting by the first digit of the day, then the month, and then the year, so things are all shuffled up in a funny order. Especially because it goes in ascending order.
I knew I had surrendered to true geekdom when I began writing leading zeroes on the dates on my checks. (Well OK, utter geekdom would mean all electronic payments and no paper checks anymore.) Sometimes, these days, I scare myself.

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New Order - Blue Monday by Kid Loco on 2000-03-27 01:47:52  |  Reply to this
  You scare us too. I'm walking slowly away now....I won't hurt you....put the gun down.....aaaaaaagh.
Re: New by Tetra Grammaton on 2000-03-30 23:35:58  |  Reply to this
  It is doing that because, of course, it is a mistake. Why did it not do that before? I don't know. This is a new version of MySQL. I would imagine it's a bug, as it is a nonsensical thing that it is doing. I think I've fixed it now. No wonder I have been so confused.