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Beards. Why? by Kid Loco on 2000-04-07 01:58:33

The 1980's seem to have been pretty much explained, so here is another (as promised) why. Man, it was The Bee Gees who did it first, but they really took off.

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Re: Beards. Why? by Wash! on 2000-04-09 11:38:02  |  Reply to this
  All people who wear big beards should be asked: WHY? Theyre hairy and messy, and just look cr@p. Now, the goatee. Very cool...if you can pull it off. Sadly, not many people have the ability to pull it off, and simply look nobs with a hairy bit round their mouth. Stand up Emiliano, Del Piero, and Nathan, who have all sucessfully pulled off the goatee. Everyone else buy a razer!