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parent: Join Me in Blaming Canada!

Re: Join Me in Blaming Canada! by Canada Boy on 2000-06-13 13:56:21

You people have nothing better to do? Blaming Canada for take a huge dump, you condom breaking, rental car prices being too high? Get a life. If Canada wasn't around then you would have hockey, basketball, GOOD beer, and even if hockey was invented still then all the players would suck! All good hockey players come from Canada, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Hull, Jonny Bower, Jason Arnott, (who scored the winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals), and all the other greats of hockey. So really CANADA RULES!!!!

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Re: Re: Join Me in Blaming Canada! by J.L.W. on 2001-03-07 12:36:36  |  Reply to this
  okay, first off, you're an idiot. if you're trying to make yourself or your country sound at least half way intelligent, you should take the time to try and spell things correctly or make whatever in the hell you were trying to say back there make sense.