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parent: How many limbs is ideal...?

Re: How many limbs is ideal...? by Luke Handley on 2000-07-24 10:53:06

How many limbs are ideal, ass-chicken! Were you never tought plurals? Anyway, seeing as all but the English are advanced, then 4 limbs (two in air, two on land) seems a good combo, but then humans can't lick their own butts like animals can. Which is good. So...4 Look at centipedes and millipedes and f*cking decipedes and all of those. The exoskeletoned b*stards! They'd never make it in the real world, they can't speak, can't add up, and their table manners are contemptible. I'm happy as a bi-ped, but quadrapeds are faster and have better balance. Arguments for bi-ped status R.E.M. Bob Dylan Most humans, really. Not Bill Clinton, though, or Hitler. Fool, he was. Had a good voice, mind. Good leader of men. Anyway, I digress. Arguments against bi-ped status CheetahsAl GoreCats of all kindsOtters Verdict? Bi-peds Rule!

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