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parent: Your dream career: Bookstore owner or....?

Re: Your dream career: Bookstore owner or....? by Kid on 2000-10-09 00:46:58

I'd like to have a job that involved me being out from 11-6 every day, coming back to a big library, wherein I could both relax and investigate more things for tomorrow's work. My three dream jobs (in HTML format) Wand'ring Minstrel - Not a lot of call for these anymore, and lutes are hard to come by.A Sherlock Holmes-style Detective On The Jack The Ripper Case - Again, not really available nowadays, seeing as we have X amount of technology, and all other types of modern shenanigan.A Successful (sic) Novelist This would allow the first part of the comment to come true, and be very good with it.I'd hate to be really rich, though. I just want to be comfortably off. Being rich would suck.

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