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I don't want to be here by shlong on 2000-10-28 00:55:23

Its Saturday morning, 8:30, i'm at work after having under 3 hours sleep and i feel like shite...... I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE. I want to be at home like regular people.. sleeping off their hangovers, not working through it.

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Re: I don't want to be here by Kid on 2000-10-30 00:58:26  |  Reply to this
  Tut-tut! Everyone knows the best time for a hangover is Friday morning, when it doesn't really matter 'cos nothing happens anyways....honest.....that's when I maintain my greatest hangovers. I once missed Friday, Saturday and Sunday hungover. And that ain't easy.
Re: I don't want to be here by Wash! on 2004-06-06 14:28:41  |  Reply to this
  Wow. I've actually finished my degree, and i'm back in the homeland of Yorkshire! Seems like yesterday that i felt exactly the same way about leaving home, 4 years ago. Of course, Kid, Ringo, Skiddy and Gaou await, along with copious football at Euro 2004, but i'm really gonna miss my student life and my favourite town in England! It's been tough, but i've been expecting this moment since the year began. Doesn't make it any easier though. Just been back about half an hour, so i'm gonna browse through some photos i've just received of the final School Girl Party, and of the day i finished my last ever exam, as well as celebrations the day Hudds Town won the play off final! See you boys soon! Results are out on Tuesday! I'll let you know! The rest of you... i'll be PdCing more often now there's less carps in the house. Sorry ;-)
Re: Re: I don't want to be here by Kid on 2004-06-06 15:22:17  |  Reply to this
  You're back in Utopia? You could've said. Down the pub tomorrow night? Only a couple, Ringo and I are working....and I've had 2 too many tonight. Damn Keeny and his "betting" ways. B'stard.....See you soon, lad. M.......