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parent: Halloween Stunts. Woooooooo!

Re: Halloween Stunts. Woooooooo! by Kid on 2000-11-01 05:31:13

Well. Here we go. Taken from an e-mail I sent this morning. You know pumpkins, right? The halloween-ic vegetable beast? Well we had a sumo pumpkin. (Think 2 man-carrying job - and not just me and someone else, 2 people with actual bodily strength) We burned candles in it. They went out. We went outside. It was kinda cold. We dropped burning paper into the pumpkin. We carried on for 2 hours. The pumpkin exploded. We got covered in pumpkin. It was cool. (Note; story in style of 8-year-old - but still a good story) Also, due to lack of pumpkins in Tesco at 5p.m. yesterday, we bought a grapefruit and gave another Flat (There's a story behind this, but that's another day's news) the grapefruit with eyes, nose and mouth cut out, and a candle in. That was better. Because it was original. Now my trousers have white stains on and smell of grapefruit. (That's grapefruit for you. It might look pink, but it isn't). So there ya go. The grapefruit went down a treat. They were girls and found it really cute and endearing - which I am. The grapefruiot was very bitter tasting, which I did not enjoy. Nor did my eyes.

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