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The hypocrisy of BUSH by Adem on 2000-11-16 17:18:37

Bush campaigns as the champion of state’ rights and local control over the power of “dangerously power-hungry federal government” yet he is seeking to have a federal court overturn the state of Florida’s constitutional right to monitor its elections as it sees fit. Bush, and company demanded a non-partisan solution to the election crisis then Florida Secretary of State Harris, a Bush delegate to the GOP convention, fundraiser and campaign co-chair (and close political ally of the candidate’s brother, Governor Jeb), is seeks to discount locally ordered manual recounts in order to sneak the new president into office while the numbers are still being tallied. In 1997 Bush signed a law saying a manual recount was preferable if a machine count yielded a result that was too close to call. Yet former Secretary of State James A. Baker III went on national television to say that manual recounts are not as reliable as machine counts.

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