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parent: Mexicans are really Klingons!

Re: Mexicans are really Klingons! by Little Enis on 1999-09-08 07:35:06

Well, Mexicans are certainly stooopider than Canadians which is true. And if you think making fun of Canadians is soo funny why don't you go live in Toronto so yoo can hee-haw all the time and we won't have to put up with your lame assed jokes about Canada. Canada is an American ally. Mexico has aided and comforted Americas' enemies, including Japan for 200 years! It's a 3rd world crap-hole. Mexico is much funnier.

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Re: Re: Mexicans are really Klingons! by Brock on 1999-09-08 11:49:05  |  Reply to this
  I'm sorry, canada is funner. They did give us tarance and phillip. canada is better. nobody get's upset when you talk about smelly canadians, so.... canada is better. mexico=bad.