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root: The marvel of Pot Noodles

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Re: Re: The marvel of Pot Noodles by shlong on 2000-12-08 07:37:45

In answer to your question, they are small, novel dehydrated snacks that require only boiled water to make them eatable. They come in a variety of flavours, all of which are vegetarian..... even the chicken ones. There have been many spin offs since, the good old micro noodles was one, super noodles another. But pot noodle just smashed the competition when they introduced the KING SIZE POT NOODLE. What can be better. Even more cunning of pot noodle is the introduction of pot mash, and pot rice. Neither up to the extreme high standards of the original. I hope that answers your question and has given you a little insight into the surrounding world of these marvelous minute snacks.

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Re: Re: Re: The marvel of Pot Noodles by Waash on 2000-12-08 07:53:47  |  Reply to this
  Shlong is spot on there, well done fella. Oh, but one thing he did get wrong is that to make them eatable, you need boiling water, 3 minutes of your daily life, a real flavour, a half decent smell, some sort of edible texture, and a less minging appearance. However, saying this, as a student, I eat them most days like shlongalong here! Americans: DEPRIVED
Re: Re: Re: Re: The marvel of Pot Noodles by shlong on 2000-12-08 08:04:40  |  Reply to this
  Things don't change when you get into the working world fella, my drawers here contain a box of cadburys chocolate chip cookies, a tub of drum stick lollie pop (gorgeous), and a selection of pot noodles
Re: Re: Re: The marvel of Pot Noodles by MATTHEW on 2001-07-11 02:49:49  |  Reply to this
  you are gay i love to hate pot noodle