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parent: The marvel of Pot Noodles

Re: The marvel of Pot Noodles by Amelia on 2000-12-08 16:32:27

A-ha! Thanks for your enlightening gastronomic replies. I suspect they are what is known here as "Cup o' Noodles." Before you add the boiling water, there are all these fascinating little crinkly cubes. After you add the boiling water, you pray that you will not slop it out of the styrofoam container and burn yourself on the salty slop. The health-food stores often have a variant called "Cup o' Cous-Cous," but I have never seen a potato surrogate in that form. Boys, here is a bit of advice from an older woman: Learn to cook. Really. You can have a lot more variety in your meals without spending any more money if you learn what to do with some of those other mystery items in the market.

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