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root: The marvel of Pot Noodles

parent: Re: I'm with Amelia here.

Modified Food What? by Kid. on 2000-12-13 02:45:33

I haven't come across any M.F.S. in my time in a kitchen. Only natural-y things (and Quorn). I don't know. Does your boyfriend work with illegal-sounding substances, or does he just know?

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Re: Modified Food What? by Amelia on 2000-12-13 03:35:49  |  Reply to this
  M.F.S. is a pretty common ingredient if you read the backs of packages. It may have a different name in the U.K., but around here it is in pretty much everything. My boyfriend is a chef, so I am inclined to believe him about this kind of stuff. But I am never sure about all the substances he works with. Fugu, anybody? What is Quorn, though?
Re: Re: Modified Food What? by Quorn.... on 2000-12-13 04:52:08  |  Reply to this
  ...is the god of all substances; a non-gristly, beautifully tasting meat-substitute. What's more, it can be put in sandwiches, and eaten, or indeed done nigh on anything with. I love Quorn, it has saved my life.
Re: Re: Re: Modified Food What? by shlong on 2000-12-13 05:09:18  |  Reply to this
  I blame canada
Re: Re: Re: Modified Food What? by tommie on 2000-12-13 19:26:17  |  Reply to this
  like vegamite?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Modified Food What? by Kid. on 2000-12-14 01:02:22  |  Reply to this
  I don't know vegemite. If it's totally like meat, but not it, then yes. If it's not, then no.