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Quick translation...... by Kid. on 2000-12-13 04:56:31

Here we go. The Frontier (a night-clubby type thing youths are inclined to go to - I've never done so myself) is reputed and has been for 20 years, to have 'The Best Entertainment In The Land'. However, 'Goau' went on Sunday, and failed to pull ( a lady) I believe. He then became bitter and launched a scathing attack on all the females in the club, though I know as fact that at least 2 attractive females were there. This any better?

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Re: Quick translation...... by shlong on 2000-12-13 05:07:10  |  Reply to this
  Theres two type of women that go to the 'Fronts'. Theres the good looking ones and theres the easy ones. Its all about balance.