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The most amusing insults by Wash on 2001-01-12 03:16:01

OK, some insults are really amusing. Others are dull. These are amusing: wank-horn-rival Antelope's Buttock Clasping Shoehorn shit-shovelling monkey's anus flamingo-ringo anus-potatoe Nipple-stapler flange-winder Fanny-Liquerish spinal-electron-wielding Barry Venison's ass-liquor Butt-lickin'-Minge-Trevor-Furnace Butt-flame Linford-Christie-Masturbation-Creation DILDO SHAPED BADGER Muff- Jason Flange-juice kettle Ass-cream Cornet ass-Belgian Turd-Neil-Webb Anthony Flange-Hangar Eamonn Holmes' Mother's Happy Slit Fanny-Calendar Minge Andy-Goram fanny-glow Electronic-Jizz-Horn Ring-Camembert ass-house butt-steel bugel-blowing-ring-turnip whore-master ASS-THIEF Ass-chief-replicator ring-hair-incubator Minge-recreation-station muff-juice-albert Chicken-run ass-file Anus-orientierer phal-choke-butt-house-motherfuck-muskateer Pube-horn Anus-merchant Scrote-lozenge ass-bison Minge-lobster Butt-rape-goose-home ass-vegetable Lucy's minge-protractor fuck-maison Ass-document ass-chin-ray-meaghar Fanny-haddock-chain-adjudicator butt-hawk Fanny-spatula bum-fluff chewer ring-testicle Roland Anus Ronson-flame Spangle-flange Anus-spanswick Dave Lee Flange Anthony-Flange-Phelan spine-Crunchie butt-muchin'-ass-leaflet Minge-champaigne Anus-Snickers ring-token Joypad-flangewad minge-soup Spine-gauffer Ring-mouse GOOSE-HOUND RANCID FANNY-APPLE rancid fanny ape muff-basoon wank-python FANNY-HAWK fanny-water-feature ass-leper face-follower salmon-bollocks Chin-Stalker minge-doctor nob-horse ass-crater ass-ratchet butt-ugly-chickens Ass-pole-raven-hair-fanny-hospital-trombone-jew What are some of YOUR favourite insults?

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Re: The most amusing insults by shlong on 2001-01-12 04:31:10  |  Reply to this
Re: The most amusing insults by tommie on 2001-01-12 14:53:15  |  Reply to this
Re: Re: The most amusing insults by Seige on 2004-02-10 16:39:15  |  Reply to this
  i think it's...coprophiliac - and i'm definitely not into that.... cop·ro·phil·i·a. noun. An abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement.
Re: The most amusing insults by Amelia on 2001-01-12 21:33:01  |  Reply to this
  puerile potty-mouths who pooh-pooh punctuation
Re: The most amusing insults by Kid. on 2001-01-13 12:05:02  |  Reply to this
  I quite like Wharton-Distractor and Elson-Extractor-Fan...... (though quite who enjoys extracting, I don't know. Haha!
Re: The most amusing insults by shlong on 2001-02-28 08:04:29  |  Reply to this
Re: The most amusing insults by hans on 2003-12-15 14:33:55  |  Reply to this
  Butt-lord, butt-meld, severe-butt-misfortune, rabid biatz fondle, fresh filet mignon w/ dried shitake mushrooms
Re: The most amusing insults by Wash! on 2003-12-15 16:02:05  |  Reply to this
  Amelia: In response to your insult... I'm so sorry. This was written in the days before i knew html. I was hoping for a list (a replica of a conversation me and Kid had, just dissing each other to shreds), but sadly, for you and me both, the lack of punctuation did put a slight damper on this post. Sorry, but Merry Christmas all the same!
Re: The most amusing insults by Amelia on 2003-12-23 08:56:03  |  Reply to this
  Wash, how sweet of you to comment two years later!
I guess you are not a vapid, meretricious nimrod after all. My bad.
Re: Re: The most amusing insults by BJ on 2003-12-24 00:04:44  |  Reply to this
  Amelia, writing a contraction is allowed. Maybe you should make the attempt so we don't view you as sickeningly waspish and frigid.
Re: Re: Re: The most amusing insults by Kid on 2004-01-20 08:58:53  |  Reply to this
  Yes, writing a contraction is allowed, but scarcely appropriate in this instance.

To Amelia Sorry, I should have been outraged by this before.To All Read Amelia's comment - note the stressing around the "you are not" segment. Then try the same thing with "you're not" and indeed "you aren't". Note what is missing. Remember.

That is all.

Re: The most amusing insults by tommie on 2003-12-24 06:31:04  |  Reply to this
  Here's a great insult delivered by Angelica Pickles to Tommy Pickles in Rugrats Gone Wild: "You're nothing but a backyard baby with a diaper full of dreams!"
Re: The most amusing insults by Wash! on 2003-12-24 07:24:29  |  Reply to this
  I was just walking past someone the other day, and all i caught of his conversation was him shouting at hime friend: shut up, fuckin' love-rat boy.
It tickled me!
Re: The most amusing insults by [no name] on 2004-01-20 06:17:11  |  Reply to this
Re: The most amusing insults by Fractured Reality on 2004-02-03 06:49:10  |  Reply to this
  Eat my ass with a spoon idiot bastard! is probably my personal favorite at the moment
Re: The most amusing insults by JohnnyG on 2004-02-05 09:49:41  |  Reply to this
  Your mother is a toothless whore who performs sex acts on obese, unemployed monkey trainers.
Re: The most amusing insults by Wash! - (from AP3) on 2004-02-09 04:12:48  |  Reply to this
  Why don't you grow a bag, fill it with some balls, magically sprout a dick, shove it up your arse, and start fucking yourself... oooh, yeeahhh!!
Re: The most amusing insults by Seige on 2004-02-10 16:28:21  |  Reply to this
  "...you penis-wrinkle."
Re: The most amusing insults by Alices Restaurant on 2004-02-16 10:36:51  |  Reply to this
  1) Look, I wouldn't walk you on a leash even if I thought you could shave your butt and learn to walk backwards!

2) Listen ass-wipe, if I wanted any shit from you I'd rip off your head and dig for it!

3) You're pretty smart for a 20-year-old... But I guess in dog years you're one ancient fuck, aren't ya?

4) Oh, yeah? Well the best part of you went dribbling down your mama's chin!

5) Well, I guess since you're the first generation in your family to walk upright, I guess that's saying something!