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parent: Fun With Potatoes!

Re: Fun With Potatoes! by George Bush, Junior on 1999-09-12 11:26:00

My Daddy did this last year on his birthday; he jumped out of a plane naked but with blue potatoe chips stuck to his skin. His 'chute didn't open and he crashed into a barbeque pit behind the Sacramento American Legion Hall. Nancy Reagon was over in the bushes squatting down and taking a beer piss. Well, he bounced off the pit and landed on top of Nancy, har, har! What a sight. The Press was there and got some phots. It cost me $200,000 of Texas taxpayer money and alittle graft money to keep it out of the papers but I got all coked up and laughed 'bout it later. Hey, when I get to be president I'm gonna NUKE Idaho and blast about 2 billion tons of 'taters into oblivion, har, har.- George, Jr.

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