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Danny. by Kid. on 2001-02-15 04:20:31

Anyone know when he and his friends became a force for good?This is just for Wash, really. Unless Shlong you can go to the Knowhere site for your home-town. (Check www.Knowhere.co.uk for details) and look at the message board. It killed me. As did he once.

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Re: Danny. by shlong on 2001-02-15 05:53:20  |  Reply to this
  Dee, please, a bit of respect. Nice finding by the way Kid.
Re: Danny. by Wash! on 2001-02-15 11:12:25  |  Reply to this
  NO WAY!!! ☺ I didnt see him there. Oh, but I see him now, Demetrius!!! What a wank stain he is/was/will always be. Could he BE more of a face-following-ass-feature? I thought you were having a dig at Kenneth Bell, But lets all laugh at Danny B (bo, respect, sele-eh-eh-eh-eh-cta, innit, for real, aiieee) for a moment. Ahahaha Ahahaha Ahaaahaha! Wank-horn-rival! And Kid, I can't believe he didnt come up in one of our conversations at the weekend! Hmmm, Sweet!
Oh Danny Boy, The Pipes The Pipes Are Beating You About The Skull.... by Kid on 2001-02-16 05:33:39  |  Reply to this
  Well, one can only hope. No response as yet.