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parent: Annoying Body Clocks

Re: Annoying Body Clocks by daysleeper girl on 2001-02-15 13:09:00

oh -- I lived in Arizona for six years and the one thing I LOVED about it was their non-involvement in the Daylight Savings game... So, rather than force the body into bogus 'time' constraints, you just go with the natural flow of the actual change-of-seasons. Easier and probably healthier on the old physical temple... But there IS a rumor circulating around the U.S. that 'they' might vote to eliminate Daylight Savings nationwide -- yea! Sign me, Slipping into my own Time Zone

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Re: Re: Annoying Body Clocks by Dave on 2003-11-26 08:21:44  |  Reply to this
  Arizona really need to observe DST during the summer between April and October. To assure that they'll have a good taste of having daylight/twilight later in the evening if the government allow to use DST which means still on the MST. However, since Arizona do not observe DST which means they are on California time (PST) will get dark early and California will still have daylight a little while longer. If Arizonas were smart enough, they can tell the local government to move the clock 1 hour foward and still be on MST, not on PST. The Indian Reservation do observe daylight savings is on MST and the rest of the state is on PST. You may want to check on www.sunrisesunset.com and most of USA have daylight after 8pm. Best if the people in the state of Arizona to persuade the government or vote.
Re: Re: Re: Annoying Body Clocks by Kid on 2003-11-26 08:42:47  |  Reply to this
  Is this daylight algebra? Aargh! And daylight after 8pm? No....its dark already, and its 16:48. Although being in Norwich, its also 1648.
Re: Re: Re: Annoying Body Clocks by al gored on 2003-11-26 09:07:13  |  Reply to this
  Dave, do you live in another country, or do you attend public school?