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parent: With compliments, www.dc8p.com

Not www.LadelObsessives.com/bigbrother/butthair.cb, then by Kid on 2001-02-22 07:08:56

Note- the above site does not exist, and Shlong's version was right. WErE yOu vErY vErY bOrEd, ShLoNg? Or just arsing about. Still good work, although I presume you chose yourself to win.....mmmmm....dodgy.

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Re: Not www.LadelObsessives.com/bigbrother/butthair.cb, then by SHLONG on 2001-02-22 12:31:54  |  Reply to this
  try the site again mate, i assure you it does exist. although i do do nothing at work all day i would not take the time to right out such a masterpiece as this.
Put the stick down at that end, Shlong! by Kid. on 2001-02-23 04:43:07  |  Reply to this
  No. I was congratulating your web-site finding prowess, sure that your site existed. Mine however does not. I hope....