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Flatmates by Barnaby on 2001-04-08 12:52:38

I can't help but notice the increasing trend for the two people sitting opposite me to have conversations that make no sense. They sit there and waffle about things that nobody has any interest in, or, just find themselves away on a tangent and never actually completing the original conversation. I am too sober to be here......

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Re: Flatmates by Kid on 2001-04-08 15:05:04  |  Reply to this
  New to the house-sharing are we? You'll get used to it. It's common to see this happening - you'll see it a lot. It makes more and more sense as you go along. It may even get to points where you stay up way later than is decent, just to watch a 'cult' TV show (for us it's Argentinian soccer - GO RIVER!) and you'll enjoy it. It's all good fun....honest. If you're not new to it, run. Quickly.
Re: Flatmates by sebastian with a flag on 2001-04-17 04:43:59  |  Reply to this
  ah ha i was one of the said flat mates ( although i don't really share a flat with you ) on that night in question, we were discuss things amongst ourselves as you were logged onto this web site and were ignoring us and we were talking mindless drivle as we know you understand that............ sorry i cannot complete that original conversation - i now wish to talk about llama's with accordians and space minkeys taking over the world which is so exciting it makes you eat more popcorn - a cunning plan by the popcorn manufacturing cartel to boost their profits. anyhoo managing to build empires with just the said of a flag - discuss ( no more than 15,000,000 ) words.