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And isn't it ironic? by Kid. on 2001-04-08 15:34:37

After that lengthy topic previously here's the story I mentioned. I was in a pub. Drinking. As you do. I'd been out about an hour. I received a phone call telling me Sarah was back in my flat. It's about 1 and a half miles away. I decided to go for it. I ran. I'd not run 11/2 miles before. In my life. I made it in 10 minutes. I was rendered useless for, ooh, an hour. Panting, sweating general recovery. Is it irony that such things happen. The very thing that is making me unfit contributed to me saying 'enough' not exercising. And here I go. Fitter, healthier and with a spring in my step. I love being me again. Thanks....

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flesSheriorie by flesSheriorie on 2011-08-08 00:52:25  |  Reply to this
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