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Library humor... by 360 on 2001-04-09 12:35:37

Ha! In a book called: It Comes with the Territory, I found this one incident/example of dealing with crazy patrons quite funny indeed... To wit: A patron was banging, banging, banging on the keyboard of one of the public access terminals. A staff person asked him to stop, and he said, "I can't. I'm telecommunicating with the spirits." The staff person looked at him and said, "This is the wrong terminal for that," and eased him out the door... A good way to deal with 'THE PUBLIC' in general, I thought. And an honorable mention re: the patron who liked to come in every couple of weeks and make photocopies of fruit! His preference being citrus slices... PEOPLE are just too deranged...

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Re: Library humor... by Kid. on 2002-03-15 04:02:07  |  Reply to this
  I'm in a library (unfortunately sans fruit) but I can see both things happening in a big way. Its been a while since I've entered a building as big and/or scary as this, but there you go.

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