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parent: Tater Talk

Re: Tater Talk by Kid. on 2001-05-09 04:02:33

In what is probably one of the longest gaps bewteen Q & A ever, I'd like to venture this. Potatoe was set up, as an online journal, right? Later than this, Looselips came about. So, as I now have started to do (and will continue in light of the Swiss Riot Shields I missed) coming in through the journal is preferable, right? But....of course, so few of the subjects here are of any direct relevance to the journal. I don't know. Just don't ask. You saw how long it took last time. I LOVE you guys, incidentally.

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Re: Re: Tater Talk by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-05-09 18:56:01  |  Reply to this
  Actually this is more about Worm Nerd than Today. Is there a link to it on Worm Nerd? I should go check. OK, but actually actually this is not about anything I can fathom at all, most of the time. I think that's the part I like best.