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parent: Favourite TV moment...

Re: Favourite TV moment... by tommie on 2001-05-10 07:22:03

Mine was November 9, 1965, when "The Great Blackout" hit New York City and knocked the major networks off of the air (remember, there was not cable back in those prehistoric days).

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Re: Re: Favourite TV moment... by shlong on 2001-05-11 00:10:38  |  Reply to this
  I'd be really really stretching my memory to remember that far back, only being born in 1982 and all......
Re: Re: Favourite TV moment... by Amelia on 2001-05-11 02:43:06  |  Reply to this
  Gee, I know it was not breaking news like the blackout, but I would sorta lean toward the first moon landing in 1969.