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parent: And remember...

Re: And remember... by Kid. on 2001-06-08 15:06:00

I resent that! I would have to be some crazy assed schizophrene to be Shlong! Anyway, doesn't our different (for 'tis, and so shall be) language give it away? Non, je ne parle jamais, le francais, bien sur. Aber man musst denken uber der Probleme. (I apologise, in case 'Probleme' doesn't take the dative form after uber. Its been a while). And don't our different experiences and views show us to be different. *Kid: Shakes fist at screen! I oughtta....

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Re: Re: And remember... by Fraulein Slyboots on 2001-06-09 13:04:11  |  Reply to this
  Ich habe KEIN Problem! mein Herz... (ach! -- immer mit dativ!) Now I know you are you, there in the cyberspace that envelopes us all... but I still abhor physical violence -- stand down man! And do give us some poetry to vent those creative juices -- a sonnet mayhaps?