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parent: Ageing. As time goes by.

Ageing, you'll all have beards if you read this all. by Kid. on 2001-06-12 15:32:11

Its well over a year since I wrote this comment, and though if I were t'do it today, I would alter a few things. I feel I can elaborate upon yesterday being a long way away. Routine, I feel is a good place to start. We all have them, and are part of them, and this is for the best, if you didn't have any grids of reference for your life you would just vegetate (see holidays that go on too long, when you aren't doing all those things you said you would. When you look back, you see all that time, and think "Where'd he go?". I look back a lot, I spend a lot of time reminiscing, especially since I started writing a diary, well, journal really, as its been fairly empty this week, and the last important entry ended in "Golden slumbers, fill your eyes...." along with some anotated sobbing; the reason for which if you know, you know me well. Anyway, I digress. Time, I feel, we can control. We can own it. If we choose to DO something with it, then when we look back at it, we feel a justifiable amount of pride, and instead of thinking about the time it took up, you think of that which you did. So, that's routine dealt with. But, I also find myself in a completely different frame of mind vis-a-vis the dawning of the day. I've met some special people this year, and left some very special people too. What they've taught me, and I hope I've taught them, is joy. You never know what's going to happen during a day. Granted, you might almost know, if you're going into work, or even working in the garden; but you never quite know. Its these moments of joy, these moments of sunshine that crop up each and every day, the ones that to be honest you ought to stop and smile at, but people seldom do, that are the best, for me, the reason I wake up with the blue sky in my hair regardless. I'm going to quote something now. I've probably done it before, but I stand by it, and with it I shall finish my June 2001 sermon. It's good to get it off my chest every now and again. "You can wake up in the morning and say "Oh! It's raining" or you can say Oh! It's raining"". You see? No. Oh well, un pessimiste n'est jamais dešu.....

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Re: Ageing, you'll all have beards if you read this all. by poetica on 2001-06-13 12:06:27  |  Reply to this
  I look funny now -- with a beard I mean... I still believe you are a very old soul, for 19 that is... if that is your true chronological age(?) So, what's your major? Poli-sci or Philosophy? Or both???