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root: The greatest band in the world, live in concert

parent: Hmmmm....questions and clues.....

Courtessy of thespark.com by Shlong on 2001-06-15 05:14:58

And here is the same comment after passing through the burn maker at www.thespark.com. Truely the greatest site on the net. Here goes.... I now know who you and your jive speak off as he was standing about 10 metres to fuckin' my fucking left during the fucking supporting acts at least. Seriously, I should ream your ass. The fucking front end of the fucking stadium kinda packed out on the fucking lead up to Bon Jovi. Nottice also (in addition to the fact that you're a piece of shit) did I, the fucking juicy bastard in questions better half (or not). I should slam your porkhole. In all fairness I didn't really get a motherfucking GOOD look at that piece of shit and so god-damn are sadly unable to fuckin' pass judgement. If memory serves, and that shit probably doesn't going by the fucking state I was in, Gill was wearing that bastard's tradionally well known white pants. Funny that you and your hand-job were able to predict that. Sweet.

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