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For the record, by Kid on 2001-06-18 00:12:48

No, as it happens. I've done a CD, and a Minidisc, but never a video. Maybe someone is using my copy of The Mask to work out what it's like, as it seems to have missing. (Sobs.....I wanted Cameron Diaz. The dancing and where she says "Mr Ipkiss. Hi!".) I don't get out much.

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Re: For the record, by Shlong on 2001-06-19 00:14:01  |  Reply to this
  In my oppinion, The Mask contains the funniest single moment in any film. The bit where the mask is pretending to be dying in the nightclub after avoiding being shot. As he sobs in his many different ways, he lets out a sly fart and quickly appologises. I too rarely get out. This truely is a moment of comedy genious.
Carrey Good.....(Sorry) by Kid. on 2001-06-19 02:19:53  |  Reply to this
  You know what. That whole death scene is just awesome. But all this talk of green-rubber-faced genius is making me miss it even more. I also enjoyed the P.A.R.T.Why? at the time, but it grates a bit now.
Re: Re: For the record, by shlong on 2001-06-19 05:48:17  |  Reply to this
  ........!! freeze !!........