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parent: Forza Italia.

Re: Forza Italia. by Ringo* on 2001-06-28 14:32:57

hey kid, u realise now that people are gradualy drifting away from us this week. First jonty off to Gay (no not an insult) Paris, and now Wash to Italy! What the hell are we doing this summer? absolutley nothing thats what. 4 months doing nothing! Oh well, at least Rico gets back to us soon.

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Re: Re: Forza Italia. by Kid = BG on 2001-06-28 14:49:30  |  Reply to this
  Its true, fella. I'm only getting over the loss of Jonty. Who else can I excitedly scream 'Aaaaaaaah! Driver 8 Acoustic' to? Well? And now Wash has gone. Still, at least he gave me his minidisc yesterday, and I quite enjoyed it. Anyways, I can always e-mail you if I want to get sentimental, or maybe just see you. But its true. They are a-drifting away.
Re: Re: Re: Forza Italia. by Ringo* on 2001-06-29 15:51:41  |  Reply to this
  bugger innit. oh well, yuo've always got those damn pesky ants and mantis's to keep you entertained.
Re: Re: Re: Forza Italia. by Wash!!!!!!!!! on 2001-06-30 08:56:39  |  Reply to this
  Im on the beach in Rimini at some internet place! Haha! Cool, eh! Having a good time, not found a job yet, but there is hope in this english pub nearby. We have to go back tomorrow to see the dude! Anyway, Im gunna get kicked off this thing soon as weve been on for over the time we payed for, so hope youre all ok back home, and hope your not missing me and jonny too much! Have fun, people. Wash!!! Rimini x