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Re: d.- by Kid on 2005-08-17 19:07:21

Damn. The paragraphing went wrong.

Whoah! I wouldn't have checked here if I didn't (What? Four in the morning? Yeah. I've been doing some... stuff *Mutter* Watching baseball matches *Mutter* - its also really warm here) hear that you'd called in on Wash earlier. Surprised to see this thread untarnished as yet. I think I can probably treat this as a private message, too, for the amount of people who'll get through to it.

My experience with the London bombings - aside from the shock (and I don't think its something that you can ever really know unless you're there. Pictures you see look grim, but they're sanitised versions. The mental images conjured up are horrific ) and despair - were strange. The first I really knew about it was when I tried to put a sandwich wrapper into a bin in Dewsbury railway station. The bin had been taken away, so there was just a metal hoop on the wall. I was in conversation with the police for a while about that. So my first hand experience was limited.

The fact that a number of the bombers came from Dewsbury shook me up a little, I have to admit, and one of them went to school with a guy I drink with.... all sort of twice-removed links, but things that make you think. The things that got me the most were that
a) the prospective July 21st bombers were (apparently) unrelated to the July 7th team - this is really quite worrying.
b) The anti-Muslim sentiment you can almost see sweeping the country. Its almost as if racism is suddenly acceptable again. At the moment its all 'I shouldn't say it but...'s, but that won't last long. I await to see which way it goes
c) There was writing in Time magazine commenting that Londoners were so brave in the face of it, but I'm not sure that's the word. If London stops, then what? What are people going to do other than what they do anyway? The first trip on the tube, the first trip on a bus, maybe even the first journey to work will be nerve-jangling affairs, but unless your life stops completely, they are steps that have to be taken. Gradually, that feeling will wear down, though never completely disappear, even I see it when I'm going into work by train. You look at people suspiciously; you don't want to, but you do. That will become less over time, I know, but it will always be there. Its a part of us all now, and there's nothing we can or could have done to stop it. In that way there is a victory to terror. It is in the continuing, in the not acting on the fear that the victory comes. So, no. No friends or family stories. Just some vague links.

How are you keeping? Where'd you go? Was it away away, or just absent from here? We missed you - despite the disruption of the site here. Feel free to reply here; by e-mail; to my blog...

Hopefully that solves it a little.

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Re: Re: d.- by the "d.-" in question... on 2005-08-20 09:21:32  |  Reply to this
  Hey - O! Please what is your current email address? I must needs add you to my "white list" -- I just couldn't take all the spam anymore!!! Shite. I'm glad you are safe. ( yes, but is he sound?) Re: the post-bombing rascism... after 9/11 here people started KILLING anyone they thought was "middle-eastern". Some poor quicky-mart guy from India was shot in cold blood by some ignoramous. It's made everyone nutters I'm afraid... Ciao!
Re: Re: Re: d.- by Kid on 2005-08-20 16:06:58  |  Reply to this
  Using the post you put on Wash's blog, you can expect (when I next see him online) a lovely personal contact.

Until then, be sure I'm both safe and sound.

Also, great use of 'shite' there.