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Can We Still Change The World, Man? by Kid. on 2001-07-29 22:53:22

Or is it too frickin' late already? I remember when we didn't have to save the world, 'cos it wasn't damamged, but now....hey....by 2025 the world will be overpopulated, there's rumours of viruses mutating worse than ever, global warming. I suggest we all get on the first trip to the moon and never come back. You with me? (Remember - it's still June 1969 where I am. Ahahahahaha!)

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Re: Can We Still Change The World, Man? by Skiddy the Butt kangaroo on 2001-08-01 11:31:54  |  Reply to this
  Your heart felt plea struck me deep but I fear any attempt to set right civilisation's wrongs would be ultimately fruitless. I mean should society still go on when we've already lost the duck billed paltypus, the tazmanian devil and 8 track. Ooooooh, THE HUMANITY!!!
Re: Can We Still Change The World, Man? by tommie on 2001-08-01 17:14:44  |  Reply to this
  We still have Scooby.