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Re: Re: Confidential to Kid... by Kid. on 2001-08-09 06:29:50

That was one of the greatest moments of my entire life. I had consumed a glass or so of water after I woke up. I wasn't too hungover, I was still alive. Anyway, I stood up off of the bed, dragged my body across the room to the sink (in the same room) and barfed up the contents of the glass. Nothing else. Then I just turned to a mate, who was looking after me all night, for which I am much grateful, and said "Well, that was odd." and then continued as normal for about 2 hours.

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Re: Re: Re: Confidential to Kid... by Ringo * on 2001-08-09 15:49:14  |  Reply to this
  Hey! It wasn't just skiddy looking after you mate. I did until about 3.30 when i died in a chair. NOTE: Don't sleep in chairs, it hurts in the morning.