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parent: Less Talk More Action" Challenge

Re: Less Talk More Action by JohnnyG/MuttonChops/Puss&Bootsetc...we're all one big family residing in the mind of a mad man on 2001-09-15 11:29:15

I rarely take the time to do anything in life but generate income for myself and the prostitutes I call my friends. tommie, make it easy on me and other lazy bastards by providing the direct link to their (9/11 fund Helping.org)credit card billing page. I will contribute generously. Thank you for your "Less Talk More Action-->Challenge" I love to meet a challenge and then have it kiss my arse after its been whipped. This will be no exception! I can't say that I would want to be with those Fire/Rescue crews on top of a pile of ashen, now soggy, and unstable detritus. I certainly would not be keeping my biscuits down after pulling twisted and mangled body parts out of this wreckage. No sir, my monetary treasure will have to substitute and this is all the more reason to be generous! I am a human being of little faith but the little faith I have could not and would not let me stand before the families of these victims and say there is no hope of a spiritual reunion to unite them once again. There is enough hoplessness in the world to go around and I certainly don't need to add to it. I can state the obvious, that these dead are dead and that flys are beginning a new cycle of life from the decay but this is only what I can see. We have 5 sensory organs in our bodies and I have been betrayed by all 5 in the past. I don't believe the future will be much different. Be safe and good luck.

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