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re: "Save us, Magic-sky man!" by d.- on 2001-09-15 12:10:44

yes, I had a problem with the 'show of prayer' yesterday. All this rising and standing and sitting (repeat) was NEVER my cup of tea when I was little... And, considering who's in charge it's a mindset mentality of God n'Guns!! Yeeeha! Bush was elected under a bad omen, he walked OUT OF the Conference on Racism, he's the ONLY asshole on the planet who DOESN'T think there is global warming, hence he was not on board with that pact, he wants to destroy land preserves to drill for oil... so let me say this: George Bush does NOT speak for me, and, this is what is really getting to me. We the People have been disconcerted with OUR OWN government -- so how dare the other countries just blatently decide for me that how my government acts is how I feel??? Many of the actions of this current government are in COMPLETE OPPOSITION to my personal belief system. However, I live here, I have NEVER had any desire to live elsewhere, and, I HOPE TO GOD! that the right decision is made in defeating this terrorism. Amen. (I'll get off my soapbox now...) And as for Jerry Falwell!!!!!!!!! I give to you now a poem written by a friend of mine back in the 80's. It's short, sweet and to the point: "Jerry Falwelland" 14-yr. old mothers, Dead homos, and a prayer. -- Mike A. Love ya!

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