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parent: Adios!

Re: Adios! by Wash! on 2001-09-24 08:36:30

Of course. Man this weeks been so hectic, with getting sorted, settling in with new housemates, meeting all people from last year, meeting new ones from this year, getting pissed every night (and day). Its great, so i will speak to you soon anyway guys! CYA Wash!

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Re: Re: Adios! by Shlong on 2001-09-24 23:58:41  |  Reply to this
  How I long to be a student.....
...nah, you don't. by Kid. on 2001-09-25 08:09:39  |  Reply to this
  It's over-rated. You have to like shit things, you have to form educated opinions on a regular basis, and worst of all, you get scorned for watching Hollyoaks. Grrrr. And I've already had 3 hours of work today, and I've another one in a bit. And another on Thursday. That's it for the week, mind.
Re: ...nah, you don't. by Shlong on 2001-09-25 23:55:52  |  Reply to this
  The work really wouldnt be a problem. I know I was a major bum at college, but working 8:00 till 4:00 Monday to Friday kind of forces you to grow up... its a wierd thing. I dont know if I could take the abuse for watching Hollyoaks though, its the only soap I can stand
Re: Re: ...nah, you don't. by Kid. on 2001-09-27 13:34:54  |  Reply to this
  R-E-S-P.....onsibility is what you're talking about buddy. The like of which, I, we as students never quite get to experience yet. Fortunately. Mental note to self; stop the one word sentences. Now.