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Ha! by d.- on 2001-10-08 13:06:32

thank GOD! the fucking "Emmy"s were cancelled once and for all!!! -- was anyone else interested in hearing ANY celebrities spout their brand of politics and fake crying? Are John Travolta's opinions about WTC bombing better than yours? or mine? Do you GIVE A FUCK??!!! what Julia Roberts has to say about loss of life? And WHY? (oh why?) was security going to be as tight at the Emmy's AS IF the President was going to be there? Celebrities are NOT royalty! They are NOT important political figureheads who need protection any more than the rest of us... Why are celebrities protected at all costs? What is up with that??? Kid was right -- media war be damned!!!! Have a nice day!

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Re: Ha! by Kid. on 2001-10-08 13:56:05  |  Reply to this
  I was amazed to see that people ASKED for John Travolta at the WTC. Apparently Olivia Newton-John (who I would ask for anyway) was there, and phoned Trav' to say people wanted him there. Note conspicuous lack of tasteless gag.