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Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-10-24 03:13:20

Well, as I'm sure (I hope) you've realised, everyˇne's favourite time of year is here again. That's right folks, Halloween. Let's not lose sight of the true meaning of Halloween, shall we, which is to scare small children and make attractive members of the opposite sex like you. I can't help you on the first one (well, they dropped the lawsuit, but still, it's too soon) but for the second one, I'll pass on what we found worked last year. It was not the pumpkinferno, which was big scary and ablaze for 3/4 hours, but a grapefruit, hollowed out a-lÓ a pumpkin, and left near the door of your chosen victim. Ring the bell, making sure you can run away quickly, and have left a note saying 'Happy Halloween!' - it worked like a dream. Ish. We were more popular than before anyway. And it looks cute; they kept it until Christmas decorations went up. But that's another story. Hope this helps someone. Other than me, to reminisce. Kid.

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Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-10-24 04:36:48  |  Reply to this
  I have a Scream mask. I might wear it ~
Re: Scary Scary. by tommie on 2001-10-24 10:54:20  |  Reply to this
  What? You hollow out the grapefruit? Do you carve a face into it? Is the "ablaze" part just a candle placed inside?
Re: Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-10-24 11:37:23  |  Reply to this
  Yup, you hollow out the grapefruit, with a spoon is best, and the you can esily cut out a face. The pumpkin was ablaze. An iron ruler, when placed inside said pumpkin, came out glowing, and when put into bowl of water, evaporated enough of it to make us think, CRAP!, but carry on anyway. Pumpkins are remarkable resilient toward heat. (NB - Keep fire going with newspapers/deodorant. But don't be a fool. 'Fire safety is not a joke, son') Happy Halloweening!
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by tommie on 2001-10-25 05:58:39  |  Reply to this
  If you guys had used some of those back in 1776, we would still be one of your colonies. (Assuming, of course, you hadn't expelled us by now.)
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-10-27 08:23:58  |  Reply to this
  I cant believe I was ever friends with someone who had an open grapefruit in the middle of a wooded area!
Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-10-31 03:50:28  |  Reply to this
  The grapefruit's 'hat' can be reattached. Man, I'm gonna have to post photo's aren't I? I think if I get them developed at Boots, they'll do it for me, but if you get the whole film, you'll get some photo's of my sister, who if you didn't know lives in the Ukraine now. No, really she does. Back me up here?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by tommie on 2001-10-31 09:21:59  |  Reply to this
  Don't forget, if you post photos, to include one of yourself... you promised to give us a look at that famous hair of yours.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-10-31 10:55:28  |  Reply to this
  Yeah man, we want to see it! OK, i see it all the time. But let me tell you, the best thing about not seeing you for 3 months at a time is clearly the shock I get when I see its latest development. Note this conversation is under 'Scary Scary'. Coincidence?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-11-01 09:09:24  |  Reply to this
  A-ha. A-ha. A-ha. Yes. It is coincidence. Crap. Its winter now. My halloween desktop theme is invalid, and I'm into a mild winter one. That's right folks, keep it seasonal.
Re: Scary Scary. by Amelia on 2001-10-24 17:47:43  |  Reply to this
  Gee, I was just going to help my godchildren make their costumes and then plan on eating too many of the "Fun-Size" chocolate bars that people bring to the office the next day. Maybe I will bake some meringue ghosts now that you all have inspired me.
Go on, guess! by Kid. on 2001-10-30 17:25:37  |  Reply to this
  This year, we have, in all seriousness, we prepared them tonight, in good time. 1 Pumpkin, 1 Pink Grapefruit, 1 Aubergine/Eggplant, 1 Capsicum (Red), 1 Pineapple, 1 Radish (sans candle), 1 Cucumber. Yes. 1 Persimmon Fruit. Yes, again. 1 Loaf of bread. Yes. Yes. Yes. Happy Halloween guys, you're all welcome round mine to watch the cucumber.
Re: Go on, guess! by Kid on 2001-10-30 17:35:59  |  Reply to this
  http://www.claypoolpersimmonfarm.com/ and, yes, there's a lot of fruity websites. Lemonade. Aaaaah.
Re: Scary Scary. by Amelia on 2001-10-31 02:50:50  |  Reply to this
  Boooooooo! The spooky day is here!
Re: Scary Scary. by tommie on 2001-10-31 05:24:25  |  Reply to this
  ...and there's a full moon tonight! First time in 46 years! Last year we had 121 trick or treaters; I await in anticipation.
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-10-31 05:37:39  |  Reply to this
  121 trick or treaters! No hogging! We got none. Not a single one; mind you we were in student accomodation in a city centre. I want witches, ghosts, ghouls. Most of all I want a Hobgoblin.
Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by tommie on 2001-11-03 18:47:52  |  Reply to this
  We got 123 this year!
Scary No Fair-y. by Kid on 2001-11-04 03:11:38  |  Reply to this
  What do you give them? Surely 120-odd snacks/treats is quite the price? We got merely one, and by the time we'd unlocked the door, they'd run off. It wasn't even a 17 year old girl dressed up a 'porn witch' - and there was a lot of those about on Halloween.
Re: Scary No Fair-y. by tommie on 2001-11-04 14:23:01  |  Reply to this
  We gave 'em packets of microwavable popcorn. Yes, the price goes up with quantity, but how wise is a "No treats!" answer to the question "Trick or Treat?"
Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-10-31 10:58:24  |  Reply to this
  We got two 14 year old boys trick or treating a couple of days ago. I was shocked at their early arrival. Anyhow, i gave them a couple of beers, and they went off quite satisfied.
Re: Scary Scary. by Glenda, good witch of the west! on 2001-10-31 12:09:02  |  Reply to this
  Yep. A full moon AND a blue moon! I just love astronomy! But actually my favorite holiday is the day AFTER All Hallow's Eve... I like All Saints Day or Dia De los Muertos/Day of the Dead. It pays respect to the dearly departed rather than dealing with the MOTHER-FUCKING ghostspirits of those goddamn terrorists (and like types)... Dead is dead you say? I prefer friendly ghosts to the wicked alternative thanksmuch!
I AM WINNER!!!!!! by Kid on 2001-11-01 03:51:13  |  Reply to this
  That's right folks, not only did Pumpkinferno 2001 go like a dream, a potatoe masher was ruined in the firey embers; but we went out (Yes, Wash) afterwards, to a friend's house, where we drank. A lot. All kinds of foreign spirits; but on top of this, his friend's (who is moving away for 3 or so months in a weeks' time) girlfriend took quite a shine to me. She was even older than me. Hee hee! Incidentally, if they keep it going, I won't go anywhere near her; I'm not that low.
Re: I AM WINNER!!!!!! by Wash! on 2001-11-01 04:46:32  |  Reply to this
  Be low! Get laid! Aieee
Re: Re: I AM WINNER!!!!!! by Kid. on 2001-11-01 09:07:00  |  Reply to this
Re: Re: I AM WINNER!!!!!! by Wash! on 2001-11-02 05:49:34  |  Reply to this
  OK, you twisted my arm.
Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-11-01 06:37:22  |  Reply to this
  Ive just seen the girl with the reddest nose in Britain! I swear! I dont know if she has some problem or if shes just really, really cold, but MAN!!!! The room lit up when she entered. Thats just how red it is! Maybe she failed to fully remove last nights haloween make-up. Anyway, it brightened up my day. Presentation on linguistics to do in 1 hour 20 minutes. Kid, wish us luck. i should have called you, man! Deuuurrrghh!!! I cant believe it - I just pulled a Samuel-Burns!
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-11-02 13:52:48  |  Reply to this
  Would you even say it glowed?
Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-11-04 06:50:13  |  Reply to this
  Apparently shes going stand out in the cold for the next 50 days in preparation for the big night, just to make sure she has that extra glow.
Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-11-06 04:59:58  |  Reply to this
  Man! I saw Red-Nosed girl again yesterday! Im not sure if it is just naturally red, or if it has a big fuck-off boolie on the end of it. Either way, it does NOT look good!
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-11-06 06:58:05  |  Reply to this
  I've just failed a phonetics test. Wip-de-doo. I passed this mornings, but I think I failed it. By the way, 'big fuck-off boolie'? What in the name of all that is merciful?
Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-11-06 14:45:39  |  Reply to this
  Im on campus at almost 11pm for the second day running working on a phonetics essay. French phonetics. Its kinda cool, but as well as that, ive been doing another essay on French poetry, and a (shorter) essay on Stress, all for next week. Oh, and i have a test next tuesday also, an application for to fill in for my year abroad next year, certificates, medical records, ID to gather for it, and a fucking holiday waiting for me at the end of it all a week on saturday! You were right about how its a bum-out having to go to Bilbao to see your girlfriend, whoever it was. A real pain in the arse! Not really, but it does mean that EVERYTHING has to be wrapped up by a week on friday! Arrrrggggggghhhhhh. First time in 1 year and 7 weeks of university life that im actually having to put effort into working. Scary scary indeed! Wash!
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Kid. on 2001-11-06 16:28:07  |  Reply to this
  Blah blah blah....student.....blah blah blah....work....blah blah blah..... Get on with it, then, stop whining here!
Re: Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Wash! on 2001-11-07 02:51:09  |  Reply to this
  Pardon? Oh, so how'd ya do on your phonology test, big-'un?
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Shlong on 2001-11-06 23:54:49  |  Reply to this
  It seems a standard, I was working for about the same length of time before I had to start... working. Now I'm soooo unbelievably busy.
Re: Scary Scary. by iam not telling my name are fucking crazy on 2002-10-09 17:45:54  |  Reply to this
  well there is a law suit that is rediculess 14 year olds cant go trick or treating. I mean come on think it should be around 25 and they can still go trick or treating but not with a mask so thats what i think
Re: Re: Scary Scary. by Amelia on 2002-10-10 06:20:10  |  Reply to this
  If they measured maturity level by spelling, punctuation, and grammar, I am sure you would still be allowed to participate, whoever you are.
Re: Scary Scary. by Ash on 2002-10-21 01:04:49  |  Reply to this
  i am the walrus