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Heads up fans of the Aussie Soap by Skiddy on 2001-10-30 02:16:47

This week is big, man. The most eventful week in the history of Aussie Soap drama. There's death, natural disaster, explosions and a little birdie tells me, he house of a certain Ray gets taken out by a mud slide. Don't miss it, ya flamin' hoons Hit me back, just to chat, this is Stan!

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Re: Heads up fans of the Aussie Soap by Wash on 2001-10-30 05:16:18  |  Reply to this
  DAMN CANTERBURY, And ALL areas of britain that dont get Ch.5!!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!! I LOVE RAY!!! Dont kill him off, guys! I cant face losing 2 rays in one week.