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Symptoms And Remedies Essay (Part 1) by Kid on 2001-11-01 11:25:57

I worry. I worry a lot about the future world we are going to bring up our children into. There are times when I fear. Not often, not for long, but times nevertheless. And then I look at the people who are going to be leading the world, and how they are being brought up, how they are going to be as adults. I worry about this a lot more. I don't think we are having any of the knock-on of the too fast development of technology yet, the 'now now now' attitude of the world today. These people are still young enough that they cannot change the world. They will be soon, though. In ten fifteen years from now, these people will gaining power, gaining influence, and I worry a lot about this. I have often been viewed as a misfit, often regarded as a freak. I don't care about people's short sightedness. I know that I have been brought up the way people have been sensibly brought up for generations; with more, undoubtedly, but not with as much that I would be left with no desire, no drive, no will power. This is what we are breeding now. I don't know how many of you are parents, I don't want to criticise; I have no legs to stand on, not having borne children myself, I don't know how I will bring them up. All I know is that now from such an early age, children/babies are being given everything they want almost as soon as that desire kicks in. There is no working towards it, no graft, just a want and a have. I find it heart-warming to hear children in shops, not many, not now, saying 'I'll have to wait until next week' or 'I'll have to save up for it'. I listen out for it. I know most of my friends in Norwich feel the same, I can't account for the rest of you guys elsewhere, but you know how I feel. The main problem I have is this.
I don't know how this generation, the one that I am a part of, will grow up. Will they be the bunch of disaffected, unapproacable thugs they appear to be? No. They might end up being another generation of yuppies, that is certainly possible, and not unlikely. People can help. I don't know how....I feel guilty for starting this line of topic now, but I know enough that I need to spill. To explore. I think that is what it is. I don't know where the guidance will come from; for with new things, for new people, there is no precedent, and no-one can know where we will end up, the only way we can find out is to drift along on the wave of time, and see when we get there. The future is appealing, yes, the future should be spectacular and wonderful and contained in a tablet or on a screen. But I worry. I really worry that we have no control over where it will go. Maybe I speak for everyone, maybe just for myself. But I fear it. I don't dislike change, but I don't welcome a world where basic needs, things that have kept us going for thousands of years are being neglected. I can't welcome that, and that might be towards where we are headed. Thank you for your time, and replies would be more than welcome.

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Re: Symptoms And Remedies Essay (Part 1) by d.- on 2001-11-02 11:51:11  |  Reply to this
Re: Re: Symptoms And Remedies Essay (Part 1) by d.- on 2001-11-02 11:53:15  |  Reply to this
  I had to print this so's as to read it "noch einmal" in order to give you some well thought-out responses, eh? Later then! --
Re: Symptoms And Remedies Essay (Part 1) by shlong on 2001-11-03 13:16:19  |  Reply to this
  I couldnt be arsed reading it, but I'll say I agree....
Re: Re: Symptoms And Remedies Essay (Part 1) by tommie on 2001-11-03 13:32:05  |  Reply to this
  There you are... what's becomeo of your girl?