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re: Day-Like Day by d.- on 2001-11-02 12:01:46

...well I am glad on't! for your good news at work! Congrats! Now if you can manage to stay off those damn bridges... sorry for your troubles. Gray Davis is an ass. He sees how much attention Rudy is getting and he wants to get in as much air-time as he can before he gets ousted for really being asleep at the wheel for all his prior terms. I mean, he's got the Calif. power snafu and now this bridge thing... His whistle-blowing just cost him BIG time!

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Re: re: Day-Like Day by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-11-02 19:16:35  |  Reply to this
  Eh. Gubernatorial elections are when, next year? Nobody really remembers the power thing now. Nobody will remember this bridge business next year - unless they are attacked, and that could go good or bad depending on what happens. Gray Davis is a Republican who wants to get money from women & gay people too. You know, like the "moderate Taliban". But who's going to run against him? Who's going to run against Feinstein? Nobody. I still say, the only answer is secession.
Re: Re: re: Day-Like Day by tommie on 2001-11-03 13:31:01  |  Reply to this
  We (Alabama) tried that. It was a mess. It didn't help having a fucked up reason.