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Where can I find some peace and happiness? by JohnnyG on 2001-11-06 19:09:57

I'm not sure if I should start my quest for peace and happiness in a certain country, state, or state of mind but I need to locate a place quick before I explode. I'm feeling a bit tense is all and I'm not enjoying my struggles with work either. Here are some of my ideas so far: Become a Muslim and live with my arranged marriage wife in Pakistan selling used carpeting. Relocate to Tahiti and assume the name Jacque Gaugin (infers a genetic link to the artist). Paint, sail, scuba-dive, relax and sell coconut oil with the help of my new found Polynesian friends. Establish a cult tentatively titled "Karma concious citizens focused upon increasing the felicity of JohnnyG". The mantra of the citizens "whats so funny bout peace, love and understanding". And finally, I'm thinking I might have some luck befriending Hugh Hefner and living at the mansion. These are the only options, so far, that I've determined seem the most realistic. My momma used to say "Johnny baby, the more good council you receive the better the outcome of your decision". Where do you find peace and happiness on planet earth? If you have anything, anything at all to contribute I'd be much obliged.

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Re: Where can I find some peace and happiness? by shlong on 2001-11-07 00:06:21  |  Reply to this
  Now then my friend, what I'm about to tell you is not easy to achieve, but get it right and you will experience peace and happiness like you have never known. Here goes. Go to a bar with a group of good friends, beginning the night like any other at the pub, a couple of games of pool, smoking at least 4 cigs for every pint consumed... so on so on. Leave the pub whilst you still have the ability to see clearly, this is essential. Get your hands on some good quality weed (mild is better for this). Stay with your good friends, but be sure to escape any who have had too much to drink... this is a group effort. Each person start to roll a nice 3 paper, again, failry weekly, the intention of this is to gradually place yourself in the required state of mind, thus sustaining it for longer. Start off by lighting one of the binds, and pass round accordingly, I find 4 burn pass works the best. Continue this routine, whilst simultaneousy rolling more joints. A laugh and a joke is always good, and be sure some stimulating music is playing, The Verve or Radiohead are good in these situations. When you have consumed anything up to 3-4 spliffs each, head outside into the brisk early morning air. Find a patch of relatively dry grass and continue smoking. You will not realise it instantly, but after about 30 mins of been outside, you will be in the most relaxed, peaceful frame of mind ever. I have only achieved this 3 times in the past... once you gain expereince you will be able to adapt my guide lines accordingly. Hope this helps.
Re: Re: Where can I find some peace and happiness? by JohnnyG on 2001-11-07 10:27:56  |  Reply to this
  Yes, possibly if I begin to burn some Maui-wowee in Tahiti I will find I can make even more friends then previously thought. Maybe I could breed a hybrid plant on the island and call it Tahiti-whatahiti. I'm adding this to my list.
Re: Where can I find some peace and happiness? by Kid. on 2001-11-07 01:58:26  |  Reply to this
  When I need happiness I head as far away from civilisation as I possibly can, I always find it better to walk a long way to get there, otherwise you don't feel the sense of acheivement when you get there, and I look for running water. You'll find that (if you're a river man - I am) you can wander for hours engrossed in the pattern of a babbling brook, and not know, or care where you are. I would recommend always planning ahead, and making sure you have a pastie of some kind or a drink in your pocket, because when you feel suitable to resume life, you'll be hungry. And pasties are dry. I like the cult idea, though.
Re: Re: Where can I find some peace and happiness? by JohnnyG on 2001-11-07 10:36:53  |  Reply to this
  I enjoy walking river banks and with my trusty REI pack. I find I can stay gone a long time with some sugar laced goodies in tow. The addition of a voyage to Tibet is being added to my list. For some reason your note has led me to this possible pursuit of Dahli-Llama nirvana.
Re: Re: Where can I find some peace and happiness? by d.- on 2001-11-07 11:59:16  |  Reply to this
  cornish pasties then? no mushy peas? and no bubble and squeek before the journey?
Re: Re: Re: Where can I find some peace and happiness? by d.- on 2001-11-07 13:48:48  |  Reply to this
  oohhhhhh. YOU mean peas and happiness!