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Kid. PI. by Kid. on 2001-11-07 16:44:32

That's right folks; note -I'm not making this up, however odd it may sound. The only things that may be exaggerated are the barmaids, but I've had a few, so excuse me that. This evening, a few friends and I....actually, no. I'll start at the very beginning. My next door neighbour Dave, has family in Texas. His dad is Texan, and so it was not too odd when his mum mentioned that someone in his neighbourhood was coming to our town (Norwich). It can't be too common an event. However, when she said what his wife wanted him to do, it became a little fairy story. She suspected her husband of having an affair, and guessed that it would be an English mistress, and asked Dave to keep a look out. Last night we stayed in and watched Spears on MTV type channel, so we didn't see. Today we were out on the bevs, when a phone call came in asking us if we go to a certain manor on the outskirts of Norwich. Naturally, being poor students, we had no idea where a golf club/manor would be, so we phoned a friend to look in yellow pages. We found it, and called a cab - 6.50 - $10-ish - and got to the manor. We were taken aback. Our night on the bevs had brought us to what essentially was a National Trust stately home. I imagine during the day you have to pay for entry - there was a suit of armour protecting the gents! - but we got in for free. Now, all I know of these places is that my regular tipple is not served. Real ales are not common in manors, and too many would render our PI-ing worthless, so we got in our bevs and sat in, in the main part of the bar so our target would have to pass us if he were in there, and so I had best ogling view of the serving wenches - I use the term appropriately - and waited. By closing time (11pm) it became apparent he was not in, and our two hours were a waste. He had retired to his room early (we asked) alone, and obviously gone to sleep for his early flight tomorrow. So we failed-ish. We found he wasn't playing around tonight, and that's a success, surely? Yes, it is. Anyway, thought you might like to know. Sorry for the long comment, but I thought I was worth it. It doesn't happen often.

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Re: Kid. PI. by Not Vince on 2001-11-10 06:10:09  |  Reply to this
  Come one, man! Abuse me with your letter Z! Im waiting!
Re: Kid. PI. by Kid. on 2001-11-10 11:43:17  |  Reply to this
  Z is for Zoog-fuckin'-Ooolb-On-A-Hot-Fuckin'-Tin-Fuckin'-Roof