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parent: are we 'normal' yet?

Re: are we 'normal' yet? by Kid. on 2001-11-13 08:26:06

Yes, I feared a little as soon as I heard, but as soon as any major fact came through (i.e. that an engine fell off) I mentally ruled out the threat. I might be wrong, I doubt it, but it could happen. One should never jump to conclusions. Just because it looks like a spade; on closer examination it might not feel or smell like a spade. It's not a spade. Apply this to yesterday's events. It looked like a spade, but when it came to light about it's non-spadeness, it was clear to all that it wasn't a spade. Except the media, who were (and I regret the callousness in this statement) prepared to milk it for all it was worth. I refer you to my original point about Media War.

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