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STAR WARS SCHMAR WARS. by Kid. on 2001-11-27 01:49:00

Here in the UK, we have just been victim of those end of year polls, 'The 100 TOp Films Ever XXXXX....' type chappys. Anyway, much as I loved the program, (and I did, It's Wonderful Life was featured, and Shawshank got it's highest position yet (3)) its about the 5th time this year I've been told that Star Wars is the best film ever. At first I thought that I was isolated, which I am, a bit - I tend to prefer foreign language films without the big Hollywood budget (truth and emotion rather than boob and explosion, I once said) and then I decided, no, it's all propaganda for Episode 2, as if 'twere not eagerly enough anticipated. Comments?

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