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parent: Thank You david emmit

Re: Thank You david emmit by Kid. on 2001-12-08 05:22:09

Well, if you know my friend Ginger Chris, you'll know that he's ginger. (Even if you don't you could probably guess)Anyway, he is a natural ginger and has quite the trouble pulling the lay-deez. Dan, however, is not a natural ginger, and shares my miserable outlook. Naturally he, too, is no ladykiller. But, around October time, Dan dyed his hair ginger, and within 24 hours had pulled. The end of the story? Dan's relationship didn't last, and the last I saw of Chris he was disappearing on a bus with a very attractive girl from our linguistics group. I don't know what happened, but his future looked a hell of a lot brighter than mine. I just came home and had a major realisation about evolution.

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