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My Realisation; Evolution. by Kid. on 2001-12-08 05:25:15

Basically beasts evolve until they are top of the food chain. At the moment, mammals are, at least, top of the food chain. This could change. Not soon. It takes a lot to make other beasts top. It happens. At the moment, humans are top predator. It won't always be like this. Humans will not always top the food chain. I'll put it like this. EVOLUTION IS INSTINCTIVE DESIRE TO TOP THE FOOD CHAIN OK. There you go.

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Re: My Realisation; Evolution. by Mad Molly on 2001-12-09 05:14:49  |  Reply to this
  Well, what's next on top, then? Could it be a flesh-eating bacterium? Joan Rivers? Dick Cheney? Perhaps Melissa Rivers will merge ova with Cheney's daughter Mary and found a line of parthenogenetic conservatives.
Re: My Realisation; Evolution. by Kid on 2001-12-09 08:20:40  |  Reply to this
  I don't know. I won't pretend to. Its the wise man who accepts what he has within his reach, and the fool who falls whilst trying to gain.
Re: My Realisation; Evolution. by Wash! on 2001-12-09 13:12:38  |  Reply to this
  What ever happened to that topic which was about: "Who made the earth and why are we here?" If you can find it, reply and bring it back!