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Merry Happies, World Of Wonder by Kid. on 2001-12-24 02:06:58

For those of you I won't see tonight, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and seasonal tidings of joy, wonder, and revelry.

Unless you have dissimilar wishes for me, in which case I want to mirror your Christmas message to me.
Christmas is in danger of becoming the biggest festival, like Hallow'een, and Easter, but it is more important than that.
Kings, Queen's (in both senses) and paupers can all share in its joy, and despite my Scrooge reputation, I have no problem with most people's celebrations.

I just like people who make it a contest, an event or a time of year. It should be magical for children, should be wondrous, but not due to fancy lights spread all over the town, from October onwards.

This Christmas, I shall spend alone, working on an essay, and that is my choice.
Should I have wanted I coud have spent it with family, but they use it as an excuse to get at one another, to score points off each other. And that's wrong. Anyway, I digress.

Can I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS
One and all, much happiness
Love in the next few days, and as much seasonal spirit as you can handle.

Don't come to me on boxing day with your hangovers though.

No, really it is. Love you all.

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Talk About Errors! by Kid. on 2001-12-24 02:08:44  |  Reply to this
  Avoiding all HTML pitfalls I leapt into my pet haste. A misplaced apostrophe. Sorry, guys. Kings and queens.....
Re: Merry Happies, World Of Wonder by Kid. on 2002-01-10 05:58:32  |  Reply to this
  Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh-der-der-der-der-derrrr! Why nobody writing? I only brought this topic back because its equally relephant now as it ever was. Ha! Oh, and can anyone help me as regards to an automatic slideshow? I want my wallpaper to chage every 20 seconds or so, but don't have the expertise...any help would be great. I've tried all the available websites, but they're not working for me....
Re: Merry Happies, World Of Wonder by Wash! on 2002-01-10 06:09:41  |  Reply to this
  Danke for the IPA! Everyone's back at school, i see! Looking shagged as I have a cold Parlons plus tard!
Re: Merry Happies, World Of Wonder by Kid. on 2002-01-10 06:54:42  |  Reply to this
  My, wash, you under the weather again?

Are you sure its not 'cos you don't wanna go back to work?
Really cold here, as I said, and I'm spending all my time playing
Championship Manager. Didn't get to bed 'til six this morning, and I need a new tactic now.

Ola dude, chat later as you said.

NB:It's not just me who reads your comments dude! Not just me.