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parent: methinks I doth protest too much!

Re: methinks I doth protest too much! by Kid.....looks about the room suspicously.... on 2002-01-10 15:17:35

I'm sorry to hear about your taxes - from five years ago....seems that the problem doesn't lie with you....

My holiday essay, which, from when I started on 23rd, took me clean through to the 30th (excluding 26th & 29th afternoons for football) was about dyspraxia. I was working from audio cassettes, so it wasn't ideal, but I managed to ascertain some sort of rule system (albeit completely littered with exceptions). For me, personally, I thought it went fine. I struggled with it, transcription is never easy, and I found a distinct lack of source materials...and so on and so forth. But, for the effort I put in, I think it was worth it. All I need now is for the mark to confirm it. Please.
No, really. Please!

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