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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: by d.- on 2002-01-23 12:13:46

Ahhhhh! Samuel Clemens... required reading mayhaps? I'm wondering what you are writing??? I'm an inquisitive type. I am a true loner -- I was born that way. If I were a Western movie I'd be the 'drifter' passing through the town... Also, what was your final mark on the dyspraxia paper?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: by Kid. on 2002-01-24 09:21:59  |  Reply to this
  Actually, I'm quite proud to say that I'm reading Twain off my own bat, which is nice so I can take it at my own pace, my own speed and not (really) have to worry about it. I've not got my mark back yet, it might have arrived today but I was not well enough to go in (bit of a hangover, but more of a stomach bug carried through from yesterday morning - I'd like to think it was morning sickness)

Bob Dylan was the loner passing through town in a Western, too, y'know. I'd be the guy who accidentally get shot in the saloon (its just below the shoulders, y'know. Boom. Boom.)
What do I write? I suppose like everybody, I just try and put things into words on paper, under the impression that they're better at it than they are at speech. I don't really know. So what do you do with yourself when you're alone? You can only read for so long...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: by d.- on 2002-01-25 13:05:35  |  Reply to this
  like I said: I'm quite deadly dull my friend, I belong in a monastery, truth be known... and this particular desert holds little interest for me -- compared to (for example)when I lived in Arizona for 5 years... but this is not helping you to understand what I do when alone... mmmmm... mostly mundane stuff -- I take great joy in the mundane activities of life. I care very little about trying (anymore) to fit into the working world. I just don't belong there. I suppose I sit. And ponder. Living all of daily life AS IF it were one long Japanese tea ceremony... Are you asleep yet? I suppose I will justify my inactivity with a (sort-of) Zen philosophy, such that: When there is nothing to do, do nothing. I enjoy going for drives in the car. I like speed and motion and having no destination other than to be driving. There are long stretches out here in the desert -- that's what I like. Oh -- AND I like going to the library to write to a certain cyber-friend in the UK! Thanks for being a pen-pal... Your fan, d. (I believe you will be a writer! -- what will you write?) I'm currently reading: After the Plague by: T.C. Boyle (collected stories)
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: by d.- on 2002-01-25 13:14:06  |  Reply to this
  grrrrrr. sorry about the blank post -- I have an itchy trigger-finger sometimes. I get my news and info mostly from radio. I like: artbell.com He's on five nights a week. There's a toll-free number for the UK -- you should call in! The show is mostly paranormal, metaphysical topics. I don't really get into subjects like Bigfoot or aliens -- that's not me at all...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: by [no name] on 2002-01-26 13:15:19  |  Reply to this
  I, first of all, ought to say that I'm genuinely touched. I'm also topless, but that's because my shirt was itching. I'll look into artbell.com, but I doubt I could ever call in, because as much as I would like my voice to be heard, I wouldn't want people to hear my voice.
As for the just travelling with no destination, I wouldn't say it was a hobby of mine - I far more often sit here listening to Stevie Wonder with a glass of port (Honestly! The things he says when he's had one too many!) but I do enjoy it. Especially here in Norwich where I can go any which way I choose. Walking, mind, I can't drive, I'm the kind of character who'd make a really bad driver. I think (at least for me) its the sense of being uncontactable, really, away from the trappings of the modern world which, whilst making me happy on so many levels, also make me think how inferior my life is to those who experience rather more.
And I have to admit that I do get a little glow when you've replied. Its coming to the point where this is always my first port of call when I log on, and you can take almost sole credit for that.
Continuing A Long And Nameless Chain. by Kid on 2002-01-26 15:53:58  |  Reply to this
  I ought to attribute this to myself really. And I have a shirt on now.
Re: Continuing A Long And Nameless Chain. by d.- (which actually does stand for a name!) on 2002-01-28 12:58:21  |  Reply to this
  ditto my friend! -- but I still prefer to remain anonymous, because... well... I love it! I am toying with the idea that you are REALLY Prince "Wills", OR, (and hopefully) NOT an inmate out in Norwich was it? I take no credit for anything in this life, except that I DO owe back taxes from 1997 AND! -- who said I know how to manage money anyway?? I will admit to logging on to see your response as well... (!) I've always liked your ruminations and thoughtful prose writings/postings here at the site -- they just seem to resonate with my own feelings about this, that and the other thing, yes? (and now, with apologies to Lewis Carroll): Alice turned to the Queen who cried: "Off with his shirt!"
Re: Re: Continuing A Long And Nameless Chain. by Kid. NOT A REAL GOAT! on 2002-01-28 14:28:29  |  Reply to this
  Of course, I have a name too, and, un/fortunately it isn't Wills. Nor is it anything particularly regal, or is a continual giving of clues something I want to continue with as it would rapidly become tiresome for both parties; and as you say, anonymity is more fun.
I can't confess to being an inmate,
though can to many crimes,
I appreciate (a lot) your quote,
and sometimes write in rhyme.
Incidentally - the quote was more than appreciated. I enjoy the book a great deal. Its no Lion, Witch & Wardrobe, but its going that way.
P.S. If you really want to know about me, I do have a web-diary, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't know England, as there are a lot of references to it. If you really want...let me know. I wish more people thought like I (or, now we) do. The world would be a much better place. Take your coat, madam? Oh, I ought to continue another topic. Something came up today that I can mention. (*Chuckle at the pun*)
Re: Re: Re: Continuing A Long And Nameless Chain. by Kid. on 2002-01-29 10:22:32  |  Reply to this
  *Looks around, but sees no-one. Realises other people do stuff during their day and leaves the topic slowly.*
Re: Re: Re: Re: Continuing A Long And Nameless Chain. by d.- on 2002-01-29 12:06:09  |  Reply to this
  ...sigh... I am VERY tired today -- not sleeping at all well last night, my body wracked with pain (i.e. my whole body feels like a toothache!!) Oh Tragedy! You horrid, horrid mistress! Kid, I'd probably send you many more communiques if I had my own computer... ...long sigh... but then you would feel like I was stalking you or something, or being clingy. I promise I won't. Thanks for the chivalrous action -- you being the English gent that you are. Yes, a bit of a sit-down and some conversation is always appreciated by me. By-the-by, I WOULD like to read your web-diary! Other websites that I like are: bota.org AND noetic.org Did you ever see the movie "Heavenly Creatures"? (growling) Aaarrggggh! Using public computers can be THOROUGHLY annoying because you get 30 minute increments and people start hovering early and fist-fights have been known to break out! So the pressure is always on -- this can wreak havoc with one's creativity, yes? I have six more minutes -- "I'm late! I'm late!" Alice heard the Mad Hatter reply as he ran off into the distance. Later, my friend...
I'll Have Some Parentheses Please. by Kid. on 2002-01-29 13:45:03  |  Reply to this
  Why the aches? Illness? Injury? Run down? Anything I can do? I'd like to run you a hot bath and make a cup of tea, but I fear both would be cold by the time you got to them. For me, you could write as often as you like, its always a pleasure to read what you've been up to, and even if its bad, you know what they say about a problem shared....(Don't want to sound like a schoolteacher there, so apologies if I do). You can get my web-diary at - actually I can get a link, and....ah, I'll go, get it, and put it on in a mo'. I haven't seen 'Heavenly Creatures' all the way through yet, just snippets here and there, I'm more of a period drama Kate fan, I loved Quills - saw it, ooh, 3 or 4 times in the cinema up the road, 'Sense & Sensibility' (Aah!) I have my sister's copy of; and she always looks great at awards shows. I'm enjoying my delve further into Noetic.com, but there's more to read there than my eyes have life left in them!

Oh, and I have to ask, do you have a copy of Alice with you, or do you know it that bit too well? And if there's anyone approaching with the intention of scaring you off the computer, send them my way....and I'll....deny them a biscuit. Sorry, its the best I can do at the moment.

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