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A Little Story For Valentine's by Kid. on 2002-02-14 02:55:34

Long ago, and far away in England, there was a 15 year-old boy. Unlike his peers, his shunned C*ca C*la, preferring Pep5i, but more than either, he liked a good cup of coffee.
He used to consume a lot of confectionery, too, but not so much as that all his teeth fell out. No, he ate a healthy amount, but enough to worry his mother. Well, he used to particularly enjoy the Wispa Gold.
The Wispa Gold is like a Wispa - so bubbly chocolate in bar form, but with a caramel, very sickly caramel, layer. But, one day, he went into his local newsagents, and to his delight, he saw a WISPACCINO. That's right, a coffee-chocolate combo within the one bar. His joy was unconfined. He proceeded to buy these Wispaccinos for many weeks after, until, suddenly, they were taken away.
A limited offer, they said. A con, said he. He tried to compensate for this with other Wispa snacks, but nothing quite made the grade.
It was then that he realised that his choice was almost gone. He had reached a point of near-addiction, and decided to take a stand. He noticed that those people who ate chocolate regularly all seemed to crave it - they were the folk who would reach toward someone with a bar, whereas those who didn't, weren't. The choice was made. Chocolate was given the heave-ho, and a fruitier snack was chosen instead.

The moral of the story, so easy to see, is that chocolate is chocolate, and the boy was me.
Hope this helps you all.

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Re: A Little Story For Valentine's by --rac-hel-- on 2002-02-14 06:56:27  |  Reply to this
  chocoholics anonymous. (:
Re: A Little Story For Valentine's by tommie on 2002-02-14 09:38:48  |  Reply to this
  That was *sniff* just beautiful, Kid! (Have you ever tried coffee with chickory? It's a Southern US favorite, and powerful enough to wean you from crack!)
Re: A Little Story For Valentine's by Jonathan on 2007-10-07 15:02:38  |  Reply to this
  I LOOOOOOOVED wispaccinos too. I'm glad to see they are reintroducing the original wispas but they were nothing compared to the limited coffee flavoured edition.